The new converting plant for Inn-Flex from B&B Verpackungstechnik

B&B industrial group confirms itself as a reference partner in the production of plastic film processing plants for the main players in the sector.

The choice of the prestigious German company, known for its personalized and high-level technology, stems from the desire to offer its customers innovative products and solutions of high quality. Inn-Flex, after 15 years of experience in the production of flexible packaging for petfood, ranks among the main players in this market in Europe.

The new production line, which has been operational for several weeks, makes it possible to produce bags with recyclable materials without altering the primary protection functions of the product. The new solutions allow to create packaging capable of preserving the content over time, easy to open and use with the possibility of a noble end-life or a reduced and managed environmental impact.

Inn-Flex with commitment, determination and looking at the future supports its customers to face the new needs of an increasingly dynamic market.